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Looking for the perfect internship or first full time job after college?

HireEdge private coaching services are the ideal solution to help you strategize, organize & mobilize your search for a professional role aligned with your career goals. 


Finding a College Internship
or First Job is Hard

Maybe you thought getting into college was hard. Well, it can be even harder to get into a great company. 


  • In fact, it can be 10x harder to get an internship with a leading company than to get into Harvard! Internship postings with industry-leading companies can attract hundreds of qualified applicants for a single position.  

  • College Career Services offices are often understaffed and underutilized by students, and may not have industry expertise and connections at your target companies. 

  • Parents may want to help, but what if their expertise and personal networks are not related to the industry you’re looking to get into?


Our private coaching services are tailored to the specific needs of college students and families at all levels:

  • College first-year students, sophomores, and juniors looking for internships for summer, gap semesters, during breaks or during school;

  • College seniors seeking a full-time job after graduation;

  • Recent graduates who haven’t yet landed the right first full-time job in their desired field;

  • Parents looking to help their students and stay informed on their student’s progress along the way, if that's part of the student plan.

We help you Strategize, Productize, Organize and Mobilize your search!



Identifying Industry, Company & Functional Fit

Discovering Opportunities

Finding Key Contacts

Personal Branding

Resume Writing

LinkedIn Profile Development

Image Consulting

Social Media Profiles



Business Writing

Interview Coaching

Phone Etiquette

Video Conferencing



Organizing Your Search

Getting & Nailing the Interview

Effective Follow Up

Negotiating Offers


We meet with candidates in person, through phone calls or via video sessions (Google Meet, Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp, Skype). We also introduce candidates to companies, industry insiders, and hiring managers through conference calls and onsite visits. In between sessions, we respond to questions by email, text and phone.

In person meetings available in New York and New Jersey, and

virtually domestically and internationally.


It’s never too late - or too early - to start  your search.

Planning for summer internships can start as soon as the school year starts. No matter your timing, we help you discover relevant opportunities whenever you are in the market.

While many companies focus on recruiting juniors for internships, others consider first years, sophomores and graduating seniors. We help you connect with the companies targeting your experience level.

Finding the Right Opportunity: Priceless

The right internship or first job can put you on the path to lifetime success. The wrong first job can set you back years, or worse, put you on a path that never results in the career you want.

One-on-one coaching can pay for itself in so many ways, if you get:​

  • An internship in your target industry instead of a generic summer job;

  • A paid internship instead of an unpaid one;

  • A great brand name company instead of one no one has ever heard of;

  • A full time job 2 weeks earlier than you would have otherwise; or

  • A higher starting salary than you could have gotten on your own.

Complete our contact form below to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to learning more about you and how we can help you find your ideal next role!

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