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Virtual Internships

For Companies

HireEdge works with companies of all sizes to create compelling virtual internship experiences for students. Learn more here about how virtual internships can work for your organization, and reach out through the form below for an exploratory conversation to discuss possibilities.

What Is a
Virtual Internship?

  • Our Virtual Internships are a modern day approach to student internships offering an entirely remote experience students can engage in from any location.

  • We collaborate with client companies to craft a 4 to 6 week project addressing a real business priority and then assemble a qualified student internship team.

  • The internship is managed by a HireEdge Advisor - an executive with at least 15 years of relevant experience - who meets regularly with the students 1:1 and as a group to guide them and supervise the project.

  • The HireEdge Advisor also organizes and facilitates the 2 to 4 touchpoints with the company’s executive sponsor from initial kickoff call through final presentation.

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Set up and run a virtual internship program with us -- minimal company resources required

  • Leverage HireEdge's experience developing virtual programs connecting students and companies.

  • Most programs need less than 1 hour per week of client executive support.

  • 100% remote experience means no office set up and daily onsite supervision to manage.

Engage students in virtual internships to support your talent development strategy.

  • Serve students you already know or let HireEdge recruit candidates you want to reach. 

  • Flexible virtual format offers opportunities to include students from any geography.

  • Collect objective feedback on student performance through HireEdge Advisor.

Generate timely and relevant outputs from your virtual internship program. 

  • Custom crafted student projects align with your company's interests and priorities.

  • Internships can deliver marketing strategies, product testing, competitive analyses, original market research, and more.

  • Internship outputs are managed and up-leveled by expert HireEdge Advisor with 15+ years of relevant business experience. 

The Right Solution for TODAY's ENVIRONMENT

With almost every company having to rethink student internships in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual internships offer the perfect solution to companies that still want to engage with students in these uncertain times.​

Students are Ready

  • Students are having to revisit their plans and are actively seeking internship experiences right now.

  • Students are much more comfortable working remotely than they were just a few months ago, and they have developed a new level of familiarity with the tools of remote work such as web conferencing, cloud-based software, and shared files.

  • Many students and parents would actually prefer remote or virtual internship experiences in today’s uncertain environment.

HireEdge can help your company get started

  • HireEdge has been conducting virtual internships since our founding over three years ago.

  • Understandably, while your team and budget might be constrained right now, HireEdge can help you create a virtual internship experience quickly and easily.

  • We know how to manage virtual internships and ensure a successful experience for both the students and your company.

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Sales Marketing

Prepared a sales marketing proposal for an advertising client looking to acquire new tween and teen customers leveraging the Twitch platform’s capabilities and relevant social influencers.


Social Media Strategy

Proposed social media content, distribution & partnership strategies for FCFL accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn leveraging social media data and analytics. 

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Competitive Assessment

Evaluated eight digital wealth management platforms (aka "robo advisors). Proposed Gen Z focused marketing strategies and product features to an executive team at a major investment bank.

Video Games

Product Development

Tested new mobile products, evaluated competitive games, fielded original market research, and presented consumer insights and product recommendations to Tapinator senior executive team.


"I’ve been working with summer interns for decades now, and my experience with HireEdge was the best I’ve had! Working under the guidance and management of the HireEdge advisor, the students produced high quality work – on time – that addressed real strategic questions...We look forward to working with HireEdge again on future internship projects."

                                                               Executive Client

Jen Rottenberg, CMO - FCFL

LET's Talk!


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