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HireEdge offers programs that help students develop the skills, connections and experiences they need to launch their careers




Learn the real-world skills that employers need but schools don't teach

Build your resume with exclusive mini-internships and real projects for real companies

Connect with and learn from real executives in our 

Advisor Network

Virtual internships are our unique approach to real-world work experiences

      for high school and college students.

Our Unique Approach

Real Projects, Real Companies

Expert Guided Learning

Resume Ready Experience

COVID-19 and our nationwide response have brought rapid change to our lives at school and work. High schools and universities across America have closed their doors, shifting to remote learning approaches. Companies are scrambling to connect employees virtually and find new ways to serve customers under current conditions, while the job market is filled with uncertainty.


It’s an especially challenging time for students seeking internships. Many hiring managers are putting intern recruiting and interviewing on hold, or cancelling internship programs altogether.

In these trying times, we’re expanding our virtual internship offerings to help students get valuable career exposure and professional experience they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

Learn more about our virtual internships here and complete a free application here to speak with us about upcoming fall and winter placements.

Looking for the perfect internship or full time job after college?


HireEdge private coaching services are the ideal solution to help you strategize, organize & mobilize your search for a role aligned with your career goals. 

Learn more about our 1:1 coaching services here and sign up for a free 15 minute consultation below so we can learn more about you and suggest how we can help.



"Great experience overall!

I not only learned about a new topic

but also got a feel for the industry as a whole.

I made valuable connections and had an experience that is difficult to find elsewhere for high school students."

High School Student Participant

about us

HireEdge is the premier program for students of high school and college age looking to launch their careers. We provide professional education and meaningful career-oriented experiences that:

  • Teach students hard and soft career skills not taught in school

  • Help students explore and discover their professional interests

  • Give students real-world work experiences

  • Provide students access to companies and opportunities they otherwise would not have

  • Build resumes

  • Develop professional confidence early

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