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Laura Fortner

founder, ceo

"I created HireEdge because I know how hard it is for young people to get off to the right start in their careers..."

A Message from the Founder


As a parent, college interviewer and employer of young people, I know first hand how hard it can be for students to get started on the right career path. With so much focus on just getting into college, many students are not getting the career guidance, professional exposure and experience, or real-world skills they need to make lifelong career decisions.


That’s why I started HireEdge, the “career accelerator” dedicated to the mission of helping students discover and launch their careers. We’re excited to work with high school and college students to give them the edge to get into competitive, fast changing fields.

Participating in our programs and working with their HireEdge Coaches, students get insider access to executives, companies and project opportunities with leading companies not available anywhere else. Students come away with the career-related exposure, skills, connections and experience they need to discover their professional passions, find their fit, and define their future paths to success.

Learn more about our programs here, follow @HireEdgeUSA on social media for updates, sign up below to be added to our email newsletter, or reach out to me directly here to learn more or share your thoughts.


Join us to explore what’s next, experience the possibilities, and find your future!


Board of Advisors

David Palmieri

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David Ingerman

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Michael Sacks

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Cecile Seth

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Dev Sethi

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about us

HireEdge is the premier program for students of high school and college age looking to launch their careers. We provide professional education and meaningful career-oriented experiences that:

  • Teach students hard and soft career skills not taught in school

  • Help students explore and discover their professional interests

  • Give students real-world work experiences

  • Provide students access to companies and opportunities they otherwise would not have

  • Build resumes

  • Develop professional confidence early

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