Create Your Own Career Fair with Online Company Information Sessions for College Students

Sep 30, 2023

Company information sessions are a great way to learn about potential employers. In the past, these sessions were in-person, on-campus events limited to schools where companies had formal recruiting programs. But today, many companies offer online information sessions that are more accessible and open to students and recent graduates from any college. These free, online events offer a great opportunity for students to learn more about target companies, connect directly with recruiters, and gather important insights to help them in the application and interview process.

These scheduled, live online events are a chance for students to show up to dynamic real-time conversations with company recruiters and former interns, and engage in Q&A and chat. They also present an opportunity to “demonstrate interest” to highly competitive employers. Finding and joining a session signals you are interested in the company, and willing to invest the time to learn more about what they do and what they value. Some employers consider candidate participation in online recruiting activities in their hiring process. In other cases, student attendees can unlock ways to have their applications prioritized by the company’s Applicant Tracking System and recruiting team.


How to find online information sessions and recruiting events 

Taking advantage of these online information sessions starts with knowing they are happening. Here are some tips for finding sessions hosted by the companies that interest you:

Google Search

Start with a search for "online information session for [company name] college recruiting." If a company you are interested in does offer such sessions, you will usually find them with this search.


LinkedIn is always a valuable platform for professional networking, where you can follow companies of interest and join industry-related groups. Companies often post updates about their online recruiting events on their LinkedIn pages.

Event Websites

Check out event websites and platforms that specialize in job fairs and recruiting events, such as Handshake, CareerEco, and Brazen. These platforms often host virtual career fairs and provide information on participating companies and industries.

Company Websites and Recruitment Emails

Visit the websites of companies you are interested in. Look for their "Careers" or "Events" sections, where they may post information about upcoming online recruiting events and webinars. Subscribe to email newsletters or job alerts from specific companies and keep an eye on your inbox. Companies often send notifications about online recruiting events to their subscribers.

Social Media

Follow companies and industry-related hashtags on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Companies often use these channels to announce and promote their recruiting events aimed at college students. Some even host their live events with students directly on these platforms!

Once you’ve found upcoming events for companies of interest, remember these tips

  • Register for each company’s online event in advance and mark your calendar with the details of when and how to join.

  • During the session, note the names, titles and contact information for the featured employees. Also note key information shared about the company, internship and full-time roles, and the application process.
  • After the session, send LinkedIn connection requests and thank you emails to company contacts.

  • When you are ready to apply, leverage your session learnings to help your application stand out. Address your application to the recruiter from your session, mention you attended the company session in your cover letter to demonstrate your initiative and interest, and position your application materials to align with what the company indicated they are seeking in new hires.

Participating in free online recruiting events offers a multitude of benefits for college students applying for internships and full-time positions. Take the initiative to research upcoming company-led events related to your search, and make the most of these opportunities to increase your chances of being hired by target employers.


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