Why Fall is the Perfect Time to Start Looking for a Summer Internship

Sep 23, 2023
Internship Hiring Timeline

As the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and gold and the air begins to carry a crisp chill, you might think that the last thing on your mind should be securing a summer internship, but now is actually a perfect time to kickstart your summer internship search. Here are five compelling reasons why Fall is the best season to embark on your internship journey:

1. Stay Ahead of Recruiting Timelines

Many top companies begin their recruitment process in the Fall and open internship applications as early as September or October. For some sectors like Financial Services, Management Consulting, and Tech, submission deadlines may be coming up soon. Be aware of the general recruiting timelines for the industries you are targeting. This graphic from Princeton Career Development provides a helpful snapshot of which industries recruit when.

2. More Networking Opportunities

Fall is a season teeming with networking events, career fairs, and industry conferences. Attending these events can help you establish connections with professionals in your chosen field. Building relationships now can lead to valuable insights, referrals and internship opportunities down the line.

3. Less Competition

Many college students tend to procrastinate when it comes to internship hunting. By starting in the Fall, you'll face less competition for the same positions and you can stand out by being one of the early applicants. Submitting when there are fewer applications means your application is more likely to receive the attention it deserves, increasing your chance of securing interviews.

4. Time for Skill Development

Starting early gives you ample time to enhance your skills and qualifications. Whether you need to build your resume, acquire new skills, improve existing ones or gain relevant certifications, starting early gives you the runway to do so and make yourself a stronger and more attractive candidate.

5. Lower Stress Levels

Launching your internship search in the Fall allows you to spread out your efforts, consider a wider range of opportunities, and avoid last minute deadline pressures to reduce stress levels during what can often be an anxiety inducing process.

Overall, Fall is the perfect time to start your search for a summer internship. By starting now, you’ll gain early access to a wider range of opportunities, expand your professional network, face less competition, develop your skills, and reduce stress. So, as you enjoy your pumpkin spice latte and the start of sweater weather, remember that your summer internship dreams are just around the corner if you start your search now.


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